Software to improve competitiveness?

For almost 30 years we've been supporting the construction industry with technology solutions proven to reduce costs across office and on-site operations. It's a tough industry, and every £ counts when preparing bids. 
Our clients have highlighted their top 7 problems:

📌 Managing documentation for staff on-boarding, H&S, tickets etc.;
📌 Time wasted on manual data entry (esp. in finance);
📌 Impossible to collaborate on huge data sets when off-site;
📌 Time wasted correcting 'as built' reports;
📌 Unable to access 2D & 3D model properties on mobile devices;
📌 Getting all users to work on current document set, regardless of location;
📌 Endless costs and complexities related to print.

Sound familiar? How many apply to you? We'd love to explain how all of these issues can be solved quickly and for minimal expenditure. Our solutions brochure will give you many added ideas too.

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Read the client testimonial below!

“As a construction company, we were looking for a print hardware supplier that specialised in our industry and were made aware of Advanced UK by a Glencar Construction who use them for their flexible approach to the mobile printing needs of construction workers.

Since the first hardware was installed in 2017 by Advanced UK they have enhanced our user experience by implementing a document management system that allows for the real-time upload and secure documentation of sensitive information to a central repository. This makes archival and retrieval of information so much easier and adds to our efforts in working towards GDPR compliance, and this is very important in the construction industry right now”.

Frank Sugrue, Managing Director
Construction Industry Solutions Brochure Cover